flat maze

Pianist Uri Gincel and electronic music producer Stefano Mori are Flat Maze.

Uri Gincel from Israel is one of the most in demand piano players on the Berlin scene. Uri toured the world with “Uri Gincel Trio” and “Bonaparte”. He has recorded and performed with Bruno Pronsato in the electronic duo “Tyoma” and he scored also an important collaboration with Matthew Herbert.

Stefano Mori is an Italian technomusic producer, visual artist and live performer based in Berlin. With his solo project “Elephant Kodex”, released under the independent German Label Fuchsklang, he performed around Europe with different DJ collectives (Mechatronica, Drei Groschen Disko, LPM).


Gran Canaria EP (Incl. Dinamite and Arnaud Le Texier remixes)
JOT003: Flat Maze - Dick Dunker EP
This Is Techno Jazz Vol. I - 2021 extended edition by Various Artists
JOT006: White Gardenia Vol​.​2


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