Bada Bada

Bada-Bada is a TransJazz band formed in Paris in 2014. The musicians have quickly expressed a desire to share and mix their respective musical discourse in the most sincere way there is: free improvisation. From all these improvisation sessions was born a band and a direction where to look at: Bada Bada.

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An explosive mixture of keyboards and synthesizers, lyrical saxophone and trumpet, all backed by a subtle blend of acoustic and electronic sounds of the drums.

The use of many modern tools allows the group to find unusual ways, yet little used. An important research work about sound and textures leads to work and to create tohether with six hands.

The music is sourced at the same time in repetitive, electronic music (Steve Reich, Boards Of Canada, Cabaret Contemporain) but also in both organic jazz & pop (David Bowie, Radiohead, Donny McCaslin, Guillaume Perret, Nils Petter Molvaer, Kneebody).