Moon, Please Don’t Go Away by Mattia Prete
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Mattia Prete has been at the heart of Techno Jazz a new musical movement where the freeform improvisation and instrumentation of jazz meets the futuristic and hypnotic mechanics of techno. Prete has been working in this niche as a DJ, live performer and producer, but also as manager of Jazz-o-Tech, the innovative and well-known label based in Berlin and Milan that is home to many upcoming visionary talents.

This is a landmark EP from an artist who is helping to take techno into innovative new realms.

Released July 9, 2021

Written and produced by Mattia Prete, featuring:

1) Harmonica, Piano and electronic by Alberto Fiori
2) Trumpet, Saxophone and acoustic drums by Bada-Bada
3) Piano by Uri Gincel, Guitar by Daniel Calvi
4) Classic and Electric Guitar by Daniel Calvi
5) Remixed by Juan Rico aka Reeko

1, 2, 4 Mixed by Bayon at Stanza Enarmonica, Berlin
Mastered by LRS Factory in Rome,
Promoted by PullProxy in Berlin
Cover Artwork by Polyogonia
Additional Artworks by Franco Matteo
Pictures by Charlie Alens