Swedish electronic jazz band Soundscape Orchestra is back on Jazz-O-Tech with a full EP following their ‘Dream Drone’ single back in August. That single is included here with two other originals and two remixes to make for another perfect fusion of jazz and techno.


This five-piece band consists of talented musicians who play keys, Rhodes, sax, vibraphone, drums, clarinets, flutes and percussion as well as crafting electronic sounds. They have managed to incorporate new technology into traditional jazz soundscapes and bring the genre forward into the future, not least on their stunning debut album NEXUS on Do Music Records in 2018. Their debut single on this label featured in Spotify’s Jazztronica playlist and this new EP explores plenty of fresh new territory using sequencer programming and live-looping.

The gentle rhythms and breaking percussion of opener ‘Oceans’ wash over you like a warm tropical sea. Nimble basslines get you dancing and a seductive sax brings romantic vibes to this loose-limbed jam. The lush ‘Dream Drone’ single has an irresistible electronic pulse and vibrant keys and melodies that make for a dreamy but dynamic groove. The more experimental ‘Unknown Species’ is an eerie, spacious arrangement with tumbling double bass, scattered hits and off-grid keys. It’s weird and wonderful and always keeps you guessing.

Scandinavian veteran and diverse production wizard Opolopo has mixed up everything from boogie to soul, house to funk, collaborated with the likes of Omar and Gregory Porter and landed on labels such as Local Talk, Tokyo Dawn and Especial Records. His remix of ‘Dream Drone’ features exotic new age flute sounds, dancing rhythms and a bright electronic soul. ‘Unknown Species’ then comes as two different versions: the first is a club-ready Silver Galaxy remix with brilliantly playful and energetic melodies making for a real jazz-techno-rave, and the second is an extended take on the spooky original.

This is an EP where jazz and electronic music come together in thrilling style.

Jazz-o-Tech is a label that draws on the rich heritage of two of the most visionary and experimental genes in music: jazz and techno. Taking inspiration from the freeform creative nature of those two musical worlds, artists on the label mix tradition with modernity, improvisation with experimentation, and create a new sound known as techno-jazz. Modern music needs to be ambitious. It must aim to deliver a musical message which is one step beyond what has already been heard. It must take you on a new musical journey into unknown dimensions and emotions. That is the Jazz-o-Tech mission. 

Released February 25, 2022

Artwork by Per Josephson

all rights reserved